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Aluminum Factory Bath Electrolyte Cleaning Machine
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Product: Views:278Aluminum Factory Bath Electrolyte Cleaning Machine 
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1, Equipment overview

In the process of electrolytic aluminum production, electrolyte cleaning on the anode carbon block is one of the necessary processes. The manual cleaning efficiency is low, the pollution is serious, and the labor cost is high. The automatic cleaning efficiency is high, the pollution is small, the labor cost is low, and the automatic electrolyte cleaning machine has been Become an urgent need for equipment in the electrolytic aluminum industry.

After years of research and development, our company has successfully developed an automatic bath cleaning system that can work in the chain together with other anode assembly equipment, and can also be used alone. The bath cleaning system produced by our company consists of four stations: five hammer vibration release station, horizontal bath cleaning system, chain station, air blowing station, and specially designed vibration five hammer release station. It fully meets the electrolyte cleaning on the anode carbon block, and has high efficiency and stable performance, which makes automatic assembly of anode assembly possible.

2, The main technical parameters


Performance parameter

Specification model


Equipment capacity

≥ 5 5 groups / hour

Motor Power

(The total power of the device configuration varies)

Total power: 195 kW

a hydraulic station 160KW

b chain cleaning machine 3kwx6=18KW

c stepping cart machine 4KW

d vibrating feeder 4KW

e electric control cabinet terminal box loss 9KW

Dust removal total air volume

40000 m3 / h

Gas supply pressure


Air consumption


Equipment dimensions


equipment weight

About 73.1 tons (single set)

3, Work process

During the work, the stepping trolley machine drives the guide rod group into the electrolyte vibration release machine. After the position, the electrolyte vibration release machine breaks and removes the electrolyte on the residual carbon block. After the electrolyte release is completed, the stepping trolley machine drives the entry. The horizontal electrolyte cleaning machine, after positioning, the positioning mechanism of the horizontal bath cleaning machine accurately positions the guide rod group, and the horizontal bath cleaning machine laterally cleans the anode after positioning, and the stepping trolley machine pushes the guide rod group to the chain after the horizontal cleaning is completed. The inlet waiting position of the cleaning machine is driven by the catenary through the chain cleaning machine, the chain cleaning machine is used to clean the surface of the residual carbon block, and the surface of the residual carbon block is cleaned at the purging and cleaning station. Finally, the complete cleaning of the anode on the residual carbon block is completed. Residue on the electrolyte electrode assembly after cleaning stations 6 can be made more than 95 percent to achieve cleaning anode. Each equipment unit is sealed and has a dust collecting port, which is connected with the dust removal network of the workshop to achieve the dust collecting effect.